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RTO learner licence exam

Thinking of learner licence?

Let me share my experience. Being an educated Indian I thought of applying on my own for licence. But soon many questions came to my mind.
  • Am I eligible to get learner licence?
  • What documents will be required?
  • Where to submit those documents?
  • What is the Procedure to Apply?
  • What forms do I need to fill & how?
  • What information is required in form?
  • Do I need to take driving training certificate?
  • What is the fees?
  • Whether I need to Apply Online or offine?
  • Do I need medical certificate of fitness from doctor?
  • The list was unending………………
I thought, where should I go to resolve my doubts?
  • Friends/Relatives
  • Government Offices were full of crowd.
  • Internet had information but lacked specific details.
What if I wrongly fill up the form?
  • None, gave me perfect solution.
  • The thought process of getting a licence and searching for it took me 5 days. As days passed by, getting licence seemed more difficult.
  • Should I pay Rs 4000/- to middlemen to get my 2 wheeler licence? The cost seemed too high!!
  • This is the ordeal of most of us!!!